General FAQ

Where are you located?
Our product is assembled in Marshall Texas.
What is the warranty?

IoTargeting has a 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty for more information; please contact our support team at https://iotargeting.com/contact-us/

What is the best way to contact IoTargeting?

By email: info@iotargeting.com or by phone (825)221-9989

How do the targets work?

You can find out about each target here https://iotargeting.com/targets/

Just Targets: The Just Target is a perfect device for those who are looking for a reusable, reactive target without an advanced cloud network. As with the Master and Smart Targets, these targets utilize reactive touch light technology to signify a “hit” at almost any pressure.

Master Targets: The Master Target is an advanced device that can pair wirelessly with up to 19 additional smart targets using a cloud enhanced app. MT connects to your smartphone via WiFi. This allows you to easily adjust your target settings and game modes wherever you are from your Smartphone.

Smart Targets: This advanced target pairs with a Master Target using a Smartphone app. You can use up to 19 Smart Targets with a Master Target and place them as far as 80 feet away from your Master Target or any other smart target for maximum game play.

Can the Targets be used outdoors?

Yes they can, in dry conditions. They are weather resistant but not water proof. They can be used with temperatures ranging from 0 to 50C (32 to 122F) and stored in temperatures ranging from -20 to 80C (-4 to 176F).


What kind of games can I play with the Targets/App?

There are many different games you can play check out our game modes here https://iotargeting.com/targets/

Are duties and taxes included on shipping through Indiegogo and IoTargeting?

Duties and Taxes are the customer’s responsibility when purchasing through Indiegogo or through IoTargeting website. We are charging a flat rate shipping fee through DHL. To find out more, please contact info@iotargeting.com

Can a person start with a small set, then add more targets later?

Yes, for this initial roll out, we are only selling sets, but in the near future you will be able to purchase individual or multiple target expansion sets.

What is the operating distance of the Targets?

You can use the Targets up to 80 feet apart from each other in an open area from a wireless router.

How can I identify the Master and Smart Targets?

There are two ways to identify the Targets.

  1. Using the LED Indicator: Red indicates the Master Target and Green indicates the Smart Target.
  2. Using the Serial No. label: MT/ST written on the left side of the serial number bar code.
  3. Using Product ID (PID) on the label: PI0IOMTX00200 indicates the Master Target and PI0IOSTX00200 indicates the Smart Target.

What type of batteries do the targets use?

The Targets use 4 re-chargeable or non-rechargeable AA type batteries.

Which platforms can I use to access my Targets?

You can access your Targets via Android version 4.4.2 & above and iOS version 10.0 & above platforms.

Can I register more than one Master Target in my account?


Do I need internet connection to play games?

No, it is not necessary to have an internet connection to play games.

What is the “Offline Mode” option during Login?

Offline mode means you don’t need internet connection to access Targets via the App.

Can I register the Targets in offline mode?

Yes, you can register the Targets in offline mode.

How can I play multiplayer games?

You can play multiplayer games using your Username, if you already have an account or as a guest player if you do not have an account.

Where can I find my Username to play multiplayer games?

You can find the Username on your profile page after logging to the App.

If I don’t have the Master Target, can I play games only with the Smart Target?


Where can I find my best score?

Tap on “Score” in the “Game” tab and it will display the score history as per the game selection in descending order.

How do I know if the Target’s batteries are low?

If the battery is less than 25%, “Target Hit Face” will turn yellow or you can look under your Targets tab on the app and see the battery level.

How can I sync the offline registered Target to the cloud?

You can sync the offline registered Target to the cloud by configuring the MT in online mode using “Config” button on Targets page.

What is my Master Target wireless connection password?

The Master Target wireless connection password is “IoTargeting”.


Can I update the wireless router information on the Master Target?

Yes, you can update the wireless router information using the “Config” button on Targets page in the App.

I am unable to scan the QR code as the sticker has been damaged, what should I do?

Contact IoTargeting’s Support Center https://iotargeting.com/contact-us/

How does my Smart Target get automatically removed if I de-register the Master Target?

De-registering a Master Target will remove the whole kit that is all ST’s registered with that particular MT will be de-registered.

I have factory reset my Master Target, how can I register it again?

You can use the “Damaged” option provided under Target options menu to remove your target, please note that this will also remove any ST’s registered with the MT. So you will also have to factory reset the ST units. Then you can register MT again using “ADD MT” option followed by “ADD ST” option.

I have factory reset my Target. Can I access it in the App?

No. To get access of the Target you need to register it again in the App. If the target still appears registered in the app then make sure to remove that target as damaged otherwise app won’t allow registration.

How can I remove the Target if I cannot access it?

You can use the “Damaged” option provided under Target options menu.

How much time will it require for the firmware updates on Master Targets?

The firmware update can take up to 5-10 min.

How much time will it require for the firmware updates on the Smart Targets?

The firmware update can take up to 10-20 min.

What do I do if my Internet connection is lost while playing games?

You can continue to play games in an offline mode.

If the Target gets turned off while playing games, what will happen?

The game will automatically end and the score will be calculated based on the game progress.

I want to play games without internet connection. How?

Login using “Offline Mode” to play games.