About Us

IoTargeting seeks to enhance the world of sports and revolutionize the future of global competition through the use of targeting technology and training systems. All of our technologies have been developed from the ground up, with several patents already established and still more pending. These ground breaking technologies extend far into many other applications beyond that of target based systems.

Our premier product is a new, innovative, smart targeting system meant to enhance targeting and touch based activities with mountable, wireless devices that connect to a globally competitive social network. Through the use of a Smartphone app, this system also offers a variety of game modes and challenges for fun and skill development.

We have barely begun to scratch the surface of how our target devices can advance various industries and sporting events across the globe, but already they’ve been highly sought after by airsoft fields, NERF players, wall climbing gyms, mounted shooters, and military training facilities. IoTargeting is bringing next level technology that will change the way the world thinks about sport.

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